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UNDERCOVER: Crime Shorts


Undercover: Crime Shorts by Jane Risdon 2019

I am very excited to

announce that my very first collection of

Crime Short Stories

will be available

  as an E-book 2019

on most digital platforms

and as a Paperback 30th April 2019

Links to follow in late April.

Roger A Price: Former Detective and Author of Nemesis and Vengeance says:

Undercover – crime shorts; is a wonderfully satisfying anthology of six short stories which

transcend above the crime fiction genre providing a ripping yarn irrespective of the reader’s

crime fiction preference.

Jane Risdon has cleverly stitched together a mix of tales to suit all

fans of the genre.

UNDERCOVER: Crime Shorts

 published by Plaisted Publishing House

The artwork layout is by Mara Reistma.


Only One Woman May 2018


 Christina Jones and Jane Risdon

 published by Accent Press Ltd

ebook on most digital platforms

23rd November 2017

eBook edition Only One Woman


(Waterstones stores)

and for Amazon Kindle etc

was published 24th May 2018

Paperback Only One Woman

ISBN: 9781783757312


UK/USA/Australia and most countries

Our foreword was written by Iconic rocker Graham Bonnet

Graham Bonnet: Rainbow, Alcatraz, MSB and Blackmore etc

One boy, two girls, and a journey through the heady, mad, rock scene of 1968/1969

June 1968: Renza is preparing to leave school – and England.

Her family is moving to Germany  and she has mixed feelings about going- until four

gorgeous boys who make up the pop group

Narnia’s Children

move in next door.

 She falls head over heels for the lead guitarist, Scott, but after a summer

of love together, Renza has to go…

December 1968: Stella meets Scott at a local dance where Narnia’s

Children are playing.

Scott’s the most beautiful boy she’s ever seen, and she falls for him hard…

As the colourful, exciting, final years of the sixties dawns,

both Renza and

Stella realise there can be

Only One Woman

for Scott.


Blog Tour November/December 2017


Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018

paperback and ebook from Plaisted Publishing House


Featuring my story The Gift 2018

The Gift by Jane Risdon




Love from the Other Side –

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018

My story is ALEXA


E-pub FREE to read.



Christmas Capers 2017 Anthology

Stag in the Dark Writers Circle

Amazon Best Seller

December 2017

My Stories: Murder by Christmas

The Watchers


Ghostly Writes Anthology 2017

Amazon Best Seller

 Plaisted Publishing 

with my short story

As Cold As Ice


A recently widowed new young mother accepts an invitation to move in with her late husband’s family. Their greeting is far from warm and they show little interest in their one and only grandchild when the young mother arrives at the farmhouse in Jersey (Channel Islands) which is to become her home for the foreseeable future.

Her bedroom opens on to a long corridor leading to the only bathroom on the floor her room occupies and getting to the bathroom proves a chilling experience for her…

Based on a real farmhouse and events in Jersey but, of course, there is a lot of poetic license too…


Published September 2017:

Midsummer Anthology 2017 –

an anthology with my short story contribution from called

Apartment 206C

Published by Jara23 Publishing it is FREE to READ.


Nominated for Summer Indie Book Awards 2017

Published June 2017:

A Stab in the Dark: Cons Dames and G-Men –

an anthology featuring my short story

Cue Murder.

A Stab in the Dark: Cons, Dames and G Men

A Stab in the Dark: Cons, Dames and G Men


Published 14th February 2017

Ghostly Writes Valentines Anthology 2017

Ghostly Writes Valentines Anthology 2017

including my short story

Eternal Lovers

Eternal Lovers, Ghostly Writes Valentines Anthology 2017 available 14th Feb 2017 FREE

Eternal Lovers, Ghostly Writes Valentines Anthology 2017 available 14th Feb 2017 FREE

FREE download from all good sites including Amazon, Kobo and iTunes

Paperback coming soon.


Ghostly Writes Anthology  2016 from Plaisted Publishing

Nominated for Summer Indie Book Awards 2017 and Awarded 2nd place Silver Award

Published 31st October 2016

Ghostly Writes Anthology 31st Oct 2016

Ghostly Writes Anthology 31st Oct 2016

featuring stories from 27 authors around the world

including my story

The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage.

The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage by Jane Risdon 2016

The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage by Jane Risdon 2016

The eBook edition is FREE  and

The Paperback edition is available for purchase via these sites:

Scarlet thought all her dreams had come true when she was named beneficiary in the Will of an Aunt she never knew existed. She’d been an orphan since very young, and always wanted a home of her own – somewhere she’d belong.

But her inheritance comes with a lot more than a cottage and all its  possessions… 


Published 20th October 2016 and available only until January 2017

Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror

13122945_961081430672242_8709709667915856710_o Madame Movara


available in Hardback illustrated throughout


Paperback with a choice of two covers:

 Spider’s Webb edition:

Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror: Hardback and Paperback in aid of Save The Children


Scream edition:

Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror

13122945_961081430672242_8709709667915856710_o Madame Movara

Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror 20th  Oct 2016

in aid of

The International Children’s Charity

Save The Children

featuring my short story

Haunting Melody

Lead guitarist Spike has not only stolen rival guitarist Ace’s girlfriend, but when Ace is killed in a tour bus accident whilst on tour, Spike is asked to take his place in the successful rock band. Not long afterwards Spike find himself suffering with blackouts. The last song Ace worked on keeps filling his head and he cannot get away from the tune; it’s even on the recordings he is making of a new song he is trying to write….

and this anthology features many successful authors.

Cult Hammer Horror Actress

Caroline Munro

has written the foreword.



 Wishing on a Star (Accent Press 2014)

Wishing on a Star


Featuring my story

Merry Christmas Everybody

There are tensions in the studio when Twister record their new album. The band members are at each other’s throats and someone is messing up their recordings. The band blames their producer, but it soon becomes clear that someone unexpected is trying to get a message of festive goodwill through to them….


Shiver (Accent Press 2014)

ISBN: 9781783752195

ISBN: 9781783752195

Featuring my story

The Haunting of Anne Chambers

Anne and Andrew are lovers.

They’re both Pirates/Privateers.

They’re planning to run away together after one last raid.

But when Anne is knocked out cold, she comes round to find the world has changed disturbingly….


In A Word: Murder (M. Kinberg 2013)

Out in Paperback 14th February 2014 on and

Out in Paperback 14th February 2014 on and

Featuring two of my stories:

Hollywood Cover Up

English PA Tuppence Powell arrives in Los Angeles and her first job is with a famous record producer;

soon she is head hunted by a top Hollywood mover and shaker – mogul Saul Wiesen.

 She is party to the goings-on of Politicians, Movie, and Pop stars – guests of her new boss at his notorious parties.

At one such party Tuppence witnesses a murder, and without warning she is sacked and unable to find another position.

She writes a novel based loosely on the world she has inhabited and lands a publishing contract which soon leads to threats against her life from not only the Hollywood elite, a Presidential candidate, but soon the Secret Service is after her blood….


Jake dreamed of his own band ever-since he was old enough to pick up a guitar.

He formed Dreamer with his old school mates and before they knew it, the band were on the verge of all the longed for.

American management, lucrative record and publishing deals were about it be signed.  Huge advances and the potential for massive royalties were guaranteed – whoever wrote the songs, would make the lion’s share.

That was the problem.

Suddenly Jake is kicked out of his own band when his mates turn against him in order to seal the deal with the super-star American manager

eventually leading to murder …


I Am Woman Anthology Volume 1 (FCN Publishing 2013)

I Am Woman Volume 1 Anthology

I Am Woman Volume 1 Anthology featuring my short story The Look

Featuring my story

The Look

 Two people meet in a Social Networking Photographic and History Group and find they have lots in common. They arrange to meet and photograph a classic derelict old mill they both admire.

But is this just a chance meeting of like-minded individuals using the internet to share mutual interests, or is there something more going on?

What is her reason for requesting his ‘friendship’ in this group and does he have an ulterior motive for accepting her ‘friend request’? Perhaps all is not as it seems…


Telling Tales by Writers for Welfare (MoonWorks Publishing 2011)


Telling Tales Anthology featuring two of my stories: The Debt Collector and The Ghost in the Privy

Telling Tales Anthology which features two of my stories: The Debt Collector and The Ghost in the Privy. 

The Debt Collector

A top London Nightclub hosts some of the biggest names in the Music Business;

takings can be enormous.

 When a band manager runs off with the night’s takings, not for the first time, someone gets more than a little annoyed.

 A Debt Collector is sent in search of the manager and the missing money

 taking him to The Fall’s Road in Northern Ireland at the time of the troubles.

What lengths will the owners of the club go to in order to collect their debt?

How far will The Debt Collector go?

The Ghost in the Privy

Meeting at the local village bus stop every week,

a group of ladies of varied ages and social standing, chat about their lives,  experiences, and their friends and lovers.

There’s Old Ma Hedges,  a local Gypsy, who has been dearly departed for some time but is always round, clay pipe in her mouth:

there’s Ma Cox who never goes anywhere without her ‘lucky’ heather, always wearing her trilby hat and Doc Martens:

and there’s Ma Green who has seen the ghost of her husband’s first wife….


You can purchase Wishing on a Star and Shiver via Accent Press Ltd and via Amazon.

You can purchase In A Word: Murder and I am Woman via Amazon.

Telling Tales (MoonWorks/ is no longer available in Print or eBook.

My Amazon Author Page is at:

My Facebook Author Page is at:

You can follow me on Twitter:

You can find other short stories and pieces of flash fiction here on my blog and also published by Morgen Bailey on her Writer Blog.

If you are so kind as to purchase any of the books in which I am included , do please let me know and leave a comment on GoodReads, Amazon Lulu and others,  and my Amazon page . It would be terrific and much appreciated.  So far I have received some lovely praise and 5* reviews.

Thanks so much everyone,

Jane Risdon xxxx

Ghostly Writes Anthologies


  1. Jane hope you don’t mind but I just did a post on you and your book’s.
    Thanks for that amazing post you did for Jeff.
    That’s just been posted also. Having a tablet makes it very interesting. Lol !!.

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    • Wow thanks so much Michelle, really appreciated. It is fun being connected with Jeff…I think we both have the same weird rain functions…happy to meet you here too. I shall go and look. Wow, so cool. Thanks xx

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  2. Jane, it’s lovely to learn more about you. Congratulations on these amazing achievements!
    I’m now following your blog, as well. Cheers! 🙂

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  3. Hi Jane, thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment 🙂 Your books seem interesting and I wish you all the best with your writing career…! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Linda if I can return the favour any time please let me know xx


  5. Wow such a fab second review, thrilled to bits.


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