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About Me

Welcome to my blog, it’s great to have you here.

Thanks for your visit.

Following a career in the International Music Business, I’ve turned my

attention to a life-long ambition – writing full-time.

Now I fill my days writing and concentrating on developing my own

career instead of those recording artists, songwriters, and record

producers whose careers filled my every waking moment for decades.

Greys Court, Oxfordshire (c) Jane Risdon 2018

I enjoy walking and photography and when I’m not writing I can often be found out and

about with my camera photographing places of interest such as our beautiful English villages,

churches, and cathedrals, wonderful stately homes and gardens, which I often blog about and

call my ‘jollies.’ 

Virginia Waters (c) Jane Risdon 2016

I write Crime/Thrillers mostly and have been published in numerous Anthologies, Online

Magazines and Newsletters.

My latest publication is a collection of some of my short stories all with a crime theme.

It is called

Undercover: Crime shorts

and is published by Plaisted Publishing House)

It is available from most digital platforms and is soon to be in paperback.

Undercover: Crime Shorts by Jane Risdon 2019

In addition to my short stories and crime novels,

(I’ve broken away from a life of crime – only temporarily)

I’ve co-written a novel


with best-selling and award-winning author




by Accent Press

with Rave Reviews on Amazon 

Only One Woman Paperback

and GoodReads

Only One Woman

Only One Woman for Kindle

eBook available 23rd November 2017 on all

digital platforms including Amazon

Paperback available on 24th May 2018 on

digital online stores

and in Waterstones

 and good Indie bookshops

We also have our own Facebook Page:

Iconic Rocker Graham Bonnet wrote our foreword

And you can

Enjoy listening to Renza and Stella’s Playlists on YouTube:


Only One Woman Mugs

Only One Woman is also on Instagram and Pinterest.


I’ve also contributed to

5 Ghostly Writes Anthologies (Plaisted Publishing House)

available in eBook and paperback on most digital platforms

Ghostly Writes Anthologies


But that is not all, I have several novels underway including


 (a series)



a former MI5 Officer whose career went belly-up following a disastrous operation with MI6

partner Michael Dante.

 Book One is called

Ms Birdsong Investigates Murder in Ampney Parva


is in with my publisher Accent Press, presently.

Two other books in the series (so far) are works in progress:

Murder at the Observatory.

The Safe House.

To find out more about me and my books, visit


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