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My ‘Made It Moment’ featured on Jenny Milchman’s ‘Suspense Your Disbelief’

Visit Jenny Milchman’s Blog ‘Suspense Your Disbelief’ and read a Chapter from my  Crime novel, ‘Ms Birdsong Investigates’ – still a work in progress – and also get to read about my aims and ambitions and career to date.

Today I am very excited.  I’ve been asked by Novelist and Blogger, Jenny Milchman to write about my  ‘Made It Moment’  on her wonderful blog  ‘Suspense Your Disbelief’.

Now, I know what you are thinking; she hasn’t ‘Made It’ yet, and you are right.  I haven’t.  However, Jenny wanted me to talk about my writing and my life, and she thought that as I have been instrumental in helping others achieve their ‘Made It Moment,’ I could have a brief chat about that and explain how I am aiming to achieve my very own ‘Moment’ soon.

I do hope you will visit her blog and read my article and while you are there, do read about the other writers she has featured.  I found her blog interesting and fascinating.

Jenny is on a 7 month tour at the moment (in the USA) with her debut novel, Covered in Snow.’  To find out more about Jenny and her Novel and Blog, follow these links.

COVER OF SNOW from Ballantine Books

She is getting fantastic reviews including in The New York Times.

I really want to thank Jenny for this opportunity to talk about myself (again), and to share a chapter of Ms Birdsong Investigates with you.  I have been working on it for almost two years now and it is getting near completion.  It is not that I am a slow writer,  I just want it to be right – for me.  I aim to write a book I would want to choose to buy or borrow from a library.

Jenny is one of many people who have encouraged me and supported me and I am really thrilled to have this opportunity to give you a little glimpse into the world of Lavinia Birdsong, and me.

Do visit and let me have your thoughts.

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