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Smorgasbord – Posts from Your Archives Reblog – Doris Day, Sarah Weller, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, and me: the last of my 2015 birthday bashes by Jane Risdon

October 25, 2017

Sally Cronin is a fab blogger and friend to authors, and she has a new feature on hers: Archives of blogs and bloggers and she has kindly featured one of mine – my birthday bash at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club in 2015. Drop in and read all about it and don’t forget to visit Sally’s blog as well. You will LOVE it. Jane Risdon

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

I am delighted to share posts from Jane Risdon’s archives and to do the justice you really need to head over and read them in their original format. Some wonderful photographs of iconic artists, wonderful locations and memories that must be so treasured. I will get you started with a short extract and then please head over to Jane’s to enjoy the rest of the post and to comment.

The purpose of this series is to encourage more traffic to the featured bloggers posts and whilst I love to hear from you… please leave your feedback for Jane to enjoy as well as share on your own networks. Thanks Sally.

In this first post, Jane shares her birthday in 2015 with a visit to the famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club to enjoy a tribute to Doris Day.

Doris Day, Sarah Weller, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, and me: the last…

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