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Midsummer Anthology 2017: Apartment 206c is my contribution in this free to read anthology.

September 26, 2017

Some years ago I was asked to write a short story – to be set in New York – for a project some writers were putting together.

I trotted off and worked hard on what was to become Apartment 206c, but nothing came of the project in the end and I put the story aside, busy with so much more.

Fast forward to earlier this year and I was invited to submit a short story for an anthology,

Midsummer Anthology 2017 put together by Jara23 Publishing.

Being stretched beyond belief with Only One Woman and knocking Ms Birdsong Investigates into shape for my publisher, I didn’t have time to write from scratch, so I decided to submit

Apartment 206c.

Anyway, here is the anthology and it is FREE to READ.

I do hope you enjoy my story and those of the other authors contributing.

Let me know.

Here is the link:


Some blurb about the story:

China is an author living in an apartment in an old redbrick building in New York.

She doesn’t really know her neighbours and other than a casual nod of greeting as she waits for the elevator, rarely sees anyone.

The family next door keeps to themselves. The parents are obviously not first generation Americans and they speak limited English – their daughter  on the other hand is very much an American young woman with her lifestyle and fashions obviously a bone of contention within the family.

China is becoming more and more concerned about what is going on in Apartment 206c – there are frequent rows audible through the adjoining wall – crashes and screams – and one day things have obviously come to a head and China decides to investigate.

She sneaks along the corridor to eavesdrop outside her neighbour’s door.

Someone inside has heard her outside the door and it flies open…

China has bitten off a lot more than she could ever have anticipated… 


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  1. Excellent! My compliments!

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  2. Love it, Jane! Thanks for sharing this. And so nice to know the anthology is available for free.

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