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Reblogging Kyerna: It’s SCARE time! (Also, I’m officially Published!)

November 9, 2016

This is exciting for Kyerna, her first published story and it is in this anthology in which I have a short story. Ghostly Writs anthology is available in eBook (free) and for sale in Paperback. See my blog or Kyrena’s for the many links.

Kyrena Lynch

Wahoo! I’m officially a published author! I’m so excited! The Ghostly Writes Anthology has officially been available since Halloween of this year, 2016.

Every author dreams of being published someday, one way or another and I’ve achieved that goal even if it’s only the first three chapters of my current work in progress and two poems that open and close the anthology. Ghostly Writes is a collection of short stories ranging from paranormal to horror and even a little hint of romance here and there. Each story has been lovingly crafted and brought forth into the light of day by their respective authors, of which there are twenty-seven, all for your reading pleasure. We are grateful you’ve deigned to take some time to read our stories and hope you’ll continue to look out for future works of each of us and support us by buying them.

Ghostly Writes has all…

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  1. Jane, thanks for the follow. Please note that my blog moved to I hope to see you there!

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  2. Congratulations to all of you!

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  3. jfredlee permalink

    WOOOOT!!! Way to go, Jane & Kyrena!


    • Jeff, thanks a lot but I already have a publisher, this is Kyrena and her first published story, in the same anthology as me. Thanks anyway. She is chuffed 🙂


  4. Jenny permalink

    Many congratulations Jane, after all your hard work, I will read with gusto! Love Jen xx

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    • Jenny I am already published, this is a young writer who has just had her story in the same anthology as me. But thanks anyway. Appreciated. 🙂


  5. How exciting! Well done, Jane. x

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    • Nicola, it is Kyrena not me who has been published for the first time. She is really excited of course. I am already published by Accent. I can feel her joy though 🙂


    • Oh it is not me, I am published, it is Kyrena who has a short story published fr the first time in this. I do have a story in this however Thanks 🙂


  6. Kyrena is published for the first time in this anthology in which I have a short story. She is young and excited. It is fab for her. 🙂


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