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Free! In the Shadows: An Outsiders Mystery

September 9, 2016

Susan Finlay is a fab writer with such an imagination – do check her mysteries out.

Susan Finlay Writes

The first book I ever published has been out for almost three years now and it’s usually the first of my books that people read. That book is In the Shadows: An Outsiders Mystery, a novel set in a fictional town in France. The town is modeled after real towns in France. It sits on a hillside that has a cave system buried within the hill and troglodyte cave-dwellings peeking out. What better place to hide someone who is on the run?

In the Shadows is the first in a series. There are two more books in the series and one that is a tie-in with the series. And that’s not all–I’m working on the next book, The Forgotten Tomb: An Outsiders Mystery, which should be out in January or February, 2017, if all goes as planned.

In the Shadows is also the only book of mine that…

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