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Crime Writer Nell Peters Talks About Her Story For Madame Movara’s

September 5, 2016

Another contributor to Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror spills the beans on the inspiration for her story – like me a crime writer who hasn’t read or watched horror like me. Horrific novices are we. Nell Peters fans will love her story: Dead, not gone.

K.A. Hambly


dare u readI generally write crime novels, and although some victims are despatched in gory, most unpleasant ways, I don’t read or write horror and I don’t watch horror films (I’ve never even seen The Exorcist or The Omen!) However, when Kelly asked me if I’d submit to her horror anthology, I said I’d give it a go – especially as all proceeds benefit such a good cause. Fortunately for me, the brief was pretty loose and humour acceptable.

As it turned out, I very much enjoyed turning my mind to something completely different. My piece Dead, Not Gone, isn’t too grisly or blood-curdling, letting the reader’s imagination join the dots and construct the scene being played out:

Grant has been a bit of a cad, marrying ugly duckling Fliss for her money – and now he’s confident he’s committed the perfect crime to get rid of her…

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