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Ultimate Guide Revised – Chapter 6

July 23, 2016

Such valuable pieces of advice which I had heard about before and try hard to put into practice. Thanks Don.

Author Don Massenzio


If It Sounds Like Writing, Rewrite It

This title of this chapter comes from a quote by famed western and crime novelist Elmore Leonard. I came across the quote some time ago and it didn’t resonate with me right away. It really hit home, however, when I began reading my first book, Frankly Speaking, as I attempted to record the audio book version. It is amazing what you uncover when you read your work aloud. I found some of the sentences to be clumsy and even difficult to read at times. I had read in another writing tips book to read your work aloud as you rewrite it. I always thought that it was a waste of time, but I am now convinced that it isn’t.

Another tip from Leonard took on additional meaning as I read my book aloud. He says, “take out the parts that people…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Jane

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  2. Excellent advice. I read my stuff aloud and do all the voices, screams and all! (Only when I’m home alone though.) Amazing what awful stilted passages you find.

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