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Thriller writer James North is hosting me: we’re talking forensics, crime investigations and writing.

May 18, 2016
Portrait of James North

Thriller writer and former US Naval Intelligence Officer

James North

is hosting me on his blog.

We are talking Crime Writing, Forensic Psychology, Witness Investigations, Clandestine burials and more

Drop over and say hello if you have time.

Check out his fabulous books at the same time.

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I shall be doing a series of blogs during the summer sharing what I’ve learned on

the various Forensic University Courses I’ve undertaken of late,

referred to in the post for James.

Until then, I hope you enjoy my article for him today.


As always let me know.

Thanks Jx


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  1. Great post, Jane! I’m so impressed with you taking those courses and they sound fascinating. It’s made me think it maybe time to dust off my one attempt at a crime novel! As a matter of interest, do you know roughly how long it took you to complete each course? I mean in hours, not days/weeks/months – I appreciate it depends on how much time you can dedicate to studying!

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    • Janice so pleased you liked this and enjoyed the whole piece. Yep, trying hard to ensure I don’t get caught out with silly ideas in crime detection, DNA and so forth. I’m not saying I won’t but I am doing my best. I guess in hours, probably 3-4 per week. It depends which course, some took more per week, others a little less. Lots of research and reading. Though one was hands on and I got to do experiments – not killing or attempting to bury a real body but the next best thing. Examining cut and saw marks on bones too. Doing the facial reconstruction was ace. Really enjoyed all three courses and have signed up for another as soon as it is running again. πŸ™‚

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      • I hadn’t realised it involved practical sessions too! I’m sure all your hard work will pay off – if only in giving you that touch of authenticity in your writing. Gret job πŸ™‚

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        • Great, even!

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        • Oh yes we had experiments to do – map out a shallow grave, try and bury ‘someone’ in it, with all the debris falling in. Check out cut marks on the bones, recreate a face from measurements of bone and muscle, determine sex from bones, ethnicity from skull shape and jaw shapes…really cool. On the last course we sat in as if part of the police investigations and interviews…fab stuff.

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  2. jfredlee permalink

    Congrats to you both! Jane, no one could ever accuse you of not doing your rearch. Really enjoyed you guest post. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Jeff, thanks so much. James is a fab writer and I try. Glad you enjoyed the post. Perhaps Fish and co should take notes in case they need to bury Fish’s would-be Agent! He’s a bit of a pain in the Harley. πŸ™‚

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      • jfredlee permalink

        LOL, Jane! I could tell you how Fish, Kenny and Einstein finally deal with Arnie Babe, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.

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        • jfredlee permalink

          PS – I’m within sight of the finish for the sequel to CHUMP CHANGE, but have hit aa nasty bump in the road. This time last week, I was hit by a car while crossing the street. No major damage, but between physical therapy, visits to a lawyer, massive amounts of discomfort and the the the stupid muscle relaxers turning my alleged brain into a warm fraappe, work on tho book has ground to a halt. And that’s insanely frustrating. Actually, going to try and add a few more words in a few minutes.

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          • jfredlee permalink

            And, as per usual, my apologies for the typing. At least this time, I can blame it on the meds.

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          • OUCH!!!! You poor, poor man. Take care. Take it easy and don’t go at it like a bull in a china shop. xx

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            • jfredlee permalink

              Believe me, Jane — I’m trying hard not to. Actually following the attorney’s and orthopedic’s instructions. (Which completely flies in the face of everything I am. Then again, I am a guy, so I’m hard-wired for that sort of thing.) Very frustrating, not being able to write well when I sit down at my keyboard. Hope your class is going well. You sound like you’re really enjoying the program. Absolutel best of luck with it.

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              • I can empathise. When fell down the stairs and broke my shoulder and collar bone in 2012 I realised just how much I suddenly couldn’t do any more. My op was in 2014 and I am still only able to use 60% of my left arm and side. So it is frustrating and painful I understand. Get better soon. xx

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        • I am almost there.

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  3. Great post! Those three courses sound awesome, and I take my hat off to you for your dedication. A true rock star author, you are. Can’t wait to read the results. Rock on and write on! XX

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    • Thanks Nicky – all in the name of researching and writing better (I hope) is your crime novel coming along? Hope all is well. πŸ™‚ xx


      • Crime novel one is under scrutiny by an editor. Crime novels two and three are being planned concurrently and I’m taking notes on what I need to research, in true Jane Risdon style, to make my plot watertight. Watch this space…. πŸ˜€

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