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World Wide Work in Progress Blog Tour – 28th July 2014

July 29, 2014

The World Wide ‘Work In Progress’ Blog Tour 28th July 2014 

View of The Trident, The Oberoi hotels, Mumbai (c) Risdon 2014 - The White Haired Man

View of The Trident and The Oberoi Hotels, Mumbai: (c) Risdon 2014 – The White Haired Man

Today I’ve been tagged by Maggie Thom to take part in

 The Word Wide WIP Blog  Tour.

She’s asked me to share information about one of my Works in Progress with you.

You can find out about Maggie and her writing, blogging, and her books over at:

Many thanks Maggie, for asking me to share some information about myself and for setting such challenging questions for me to answer.

So, first things first – a little about myself for those who are new here, and for those who are not, my apologies; talk amongst yourselves whilst I deal with this part of the WWWIP.

(you are allowed to make tea, sing, or mess around on Facebook for a moment or two if you don’t want to chat to the others – I won’t say a word to them; honest)

Trident Hotel Mumbai (c) Risdon 2008

Trident Hotel Mumbai (c) Risdon 2008

 The White Haired Man – another WIP

Those of you who’ve visited before will know that after a career working in Government Agencies and then the International Music Industry, during which time I harboured a longing to write fiction, I eventually managed to find time for myself with the peace and quiet to actually get on with it.  That was a couple of  years ago and since then I have been writing mainly  Crime/mystery novels, short stories, and dabbling in flash fiction from time to time.

However, every now and again when the mood takes me I do write stories in other genres;  stories just pop out and I have to be content with whatever I find  myself writing.

I’ve had five stories published in three anthologies to date and I have four stories being appraised for a further two anthologies, to be published later this year.

Fingers crossed.

 You won’t fail to have noticed – if you wander around my blog – that I am writing a Crime/mystery novel called Ms Birdsong Investigates, about a former MI5 Officer who is ‘voluntarily’ retired following a little bit of trouble (messed up mission), and finds herself in the rural village of Ampney Parva in The Vale of The White Horse, where, before long, old habits can’t be resisted, and she is soon up to her Victoria’s Secret underwear in murder…..but that’s another WIP which has turned into a series; hence the time it is taking me to write it.

So to answer Maggie’s questions:

Question one:  What am I working on?

Well, I’ve just mentioned one WIP (my main one) and there are several other projects all in various stages of completion – I know, I need to finish stuff, but I am a little unconventional; don’t remind me.

I thought I’d tell you about another major story I am working on, inspired by the terrible events in Mumbai when terrorists slaughtered so many people in the city in 2008.

Taj Hotel Restaurant, Mumbai before the terrible events. (c) Risdon 2008

Taj Hotel Restaurant, Mumbai before the terrible events. (c) Risdon 2008

I have personal reasons for writing this story which will become clear once the story is written and, hopefully, published.

I’ve called it The White Haired Man

Set in Mumbai in the Bollywood Movie industry which is thriving and makes more movies than Hollywood each year, my story

deals with the after-math of the Mumbai Terrorist attacks on the Luxury Hotels and the Railway Station, and how it changes the lives of two English men forever

when they meet

The White Haired Man.

Question two:  How does this differ from other genres? 

This is a hard one.  I am sure there are plenty of stories set in India and possibly about the Mumbai terrorist attacks, but I guess mine differs in that it is almost a personal account of the experiences of two English people caught up in the mayhem; who lose everything, and end up being taken under the wing of a local Crime boss who has fingers in all sorts of pies – including the Bollywood Movie Industry. 

Obviously being a story I bend the truth and actual events shamelessly. 

It is quite shocking at times, with all the colour and flavour of India but with some of the darker, seedier sides of life revealed.

It is a Crime novel with humour and tragedy and lots of insights into the way Bollywood, indeed Indian society, works.

Victoria Terminus, Mumbai (c) Risdon  2008

Victoria Terminus, Mumbai (c) Risdon 2008

Question three:  Why do I write what I write?

Another hard one to answer.  I guess because it is what I know.  Not that I move in the criminal world or have personal experiences of murder, but I read a lot of Crime and Mystery, as well as Spy and Espionage thrillers.  I am partial to novels about Organised Crime (Mafia/Triads for example) and so I fell into this genre because of a love of it.  My early career working in the Civil Service and then, later, the Music Business affords me ample material.

Kala Ghoda area of Mumbai - where The White Haired Man has his offices (c) Risdon 2008

Kala Ghoda area of Mumbai – where The White Haired Man has his offices (c) Risdon 2008

Question four:  How does my writing process work?

Good question and I would like to know the answer as well. 

I am not someone with millions of stories buzzing around in their head just bursting to come out.  There isn’t an itch I need to scratch.

I often need some sort of trigger.  It might be a conversation or it could be a News item, or if I see something happening around me or hear about it happening to others.

Sometimes I get flash-backs to something that happened on tour with bands, or during meetings with the high fliers in Hollywood for example, and suddenly I have a story.

 Perhaps something  will fester in the back of my mind for a brief period.

View from The Grant Road Mission, Mumbai in The White Haired Man (c) Jane Risdon 2014

View from The Grant Road Mission, Mumbai in The White Haired Man (c) Jane Risdon 2014

Often I will sit at the keyboard and open Word and stare at the page with the feeling I should write something. 

The first thing I usually get is the title and suddenly off I go.  I do not plan, draw up lists, post notes all over the room or prepare in any way. 

I might write notes as I go along so I can recall names, places, and events and I have been known to draw a map.  Only because I might forget some crucial detail what with all the excitement and what have you!

Once I start to write it all flows out.  I’ll have the vaguest notion of  where the story is going. I possibly know the type of crime, that there is a victim, and a perpetrator (often the ‘who’ is a surprise to me) and the end writes itself and the characters are born as I type.  Not very high-brow, literary, or the best way to write perhaps, but is how I write.

If you find any of this worthy of further investigation please check out two of the anthologies I have contributed towards, still on sale:

In A Word: Murder

Out in Paperback 14th February 2014 on and

The USA Paperback version is available via

The USA Kindle version is available via

 The UK Paperback version is available via

The UK Kindle is available via

I Am Woman Vol. One

Unfortunately, Telling Tales is no longer in print.

You might follow links on my blog to Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog

where you will discover some of my Flash Fiction, Short Stories and an article on Song writing, or you can scroll through my Blog and discover little bits and pieces here, including various interviews and where I have been Guest Blogger/Author.

Once more thanks to Maggie Thom

for asking me to undertake the World Wide WIP Tour.  Do pop across to her blog and find out about her books and her guests.

I nominate author John Holt

 to undertake the WW WIP Tour on August 4th.

John does not have a blog (yet) but he does have a Facebook page and lots of books available.

*August 4th 2014 – John’s contribution to the WW WIP will be accessible on my blog.  I do

hope you will pop back here and see what he has to say about his prolific writing career.

Thanks everyone for visiting here.  I am still working hard on submissions, hence I have been rather quieter here than usual.

Normal service will be resumed soon.

Bedgebury National Pinetum (c) Jane Risdon 2014

Bedgebury National Pinetum (c) Jane Risdon 2014


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  1. One busy lady Jane. Looking forward to reading your book.


  2. Maggie Thom permalink

    Thank you so much for doing this Jane. Great write up, love it.


    • I’ve done my best so I hope it will bring new people to your pages. I have John Holt as a guest on my page as he doesn’t have a blog of his own, so I’ll post his contribution on Monday 4th on here. I do hope that is OK. Thanks for asking me Maggie, sorry I couldn’t find anyone else who was not already doing it or something similar. 🙂


      • Maggie Thom permalink

        It seriously was a fun thing at least that’s how I took it. Not a problem. Please don’t stress about it. What you are doing and did is great.


        • Oh I am not stressed at all, just like to do things properly – and I have enjoyed it. Thanks again and glad you enjoyed it. I am reading the other blogs involved which is good fun and very informative.


  3. Jane – Always interested to learn a bit more about you and about how your writing process works. And The White Haired Man sounds fascinating and compelling. I’ll be interested in reading it.


    • Margo, thanks so much for your interest. I am working hard on it when I can. It is going to take a while as I have to refer to someone for research and location information which can take an age I hope you will like it when it is ready. Ms B is coming along nicely at the same time. What with a whole re-think – to take into account her previous career – so that I can place the prequel into the series – I’ve had a lot of re-writing to do so certain events match up. There will be three stories in the series completed by the Autumn I hope. I am also working on two short stories for a publisher who asked me to contribute to a couple of books coming out later this year: if accepted. So keeping out of mischief….well trying to. I have been popping in and out of your blog and I promise I shall be commenting soon. I have not deserted you. Have a lovely week. 🙂


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