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In A Word: Murder – Paperback version in USA/UK available

February 18, 2014
Out in Paperback 14th February 2014 on and

Out in Paperback 14th February 2014 on and

I am thrilled to announce that as from 14th February 2014 the Crime Anthology

In  A Word: Murder  – which features two of my short stories – is available not only on Kindle but is now available in Paperback.

You cannot have failed to notice that this book is in aid of a wonderful charity, The Princess Alice Hospice,

and is in memory of Maxine Clarke, Crime Author, Blogger and Editor.

My father died in a Hospice in 1987 and the care he received was second to none. 

British Hospices are funded solely from donations and so I am very proud to be associated

with raising funds for yet another worthy cause such as this Hospice.

Featuring the contributions from Seven Crime authors from around the world:

Martin Edwards, Margot Kinberg, Pamela Griffiths, Paula K Randall, Sarah Ward and me.

Illustration is by Lesley Fletcher

There is bound to be something for everyone.

The USA Paperback version is available via

The USA Kindle version is available via

 The UK Paperback version is available via

The UK Kindle is available via

Let me whet your appetite a little:

Hollywood Cover Up:

English girl Tuppence Powell is working in Hollywood as an Estate manager for the ‘Movers and Shakers,’ of the Entertainment Business when she witnesses something which leads to her being ‘let go.’  She needs money badly and decides to write a book about her life but soon she is forced into hiding; everyone wants to find her, including the Secret Service.


About to achieve fame and fortune 1980’s London, Rock band Dreamer  seem to have it made; American Management, Recording and Publishing deals to be signed and a taste of the big-time is within their grasp.  There is only one problem;  a fly in the ointment who stands in their way.

If you’d like to know more you know what to do.


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  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I’ve bought my copy of your anthology and look forward to reading it.


    • Georgina, thanks so much for your purchase and for replying to my post on your lovely blog. I do hope you enjoy the stories – all in a worthy cause – and that you will let me know what you think of mine. I shall be back soon – away for a week or so – and will make contact again then. Lovely to connect and natter. Hope to do it again soon. Good luck with your sales and future work 🙂


    • Wow thanks so much, do please let me know what you think… is always welcome and appreciated – happy reading 🙂


  2. Many congratulations!


  3. Fantastic news Jane, congratulations.


    • Many thanks Chris, my third book in the last two years, so happy, happy, happy. 🙂


      • I’m still aiming for my first so an enormous “well done” to you. C.


        • Well I am still aiming for my very own first – these are anthologies which I have contributed to but all with successful authors also. Good luck with your first. I have turned down one traditional publisher for my noel and am now trying to format short stories for my own anthology for amazon. Not enjoying this side of it – I hate having to mess around getting it ready to upload. How far along are you?


          • Even a collaboration / anthology would be good at the moment as my ‘solo’ book is still some way off.


            • I know, I really didn’t think I’d ever get anything out anywhere. I was invited to contribute and have 5 stories included in the three. If you come across an opportunity to do an anthology, grab it. Especially if with well known and established authors. It is so hard getting to the point of publication. I hope your book gets out there soon. My novel Ms Birdsong Investigates is almost 2 years in the writing. I had interest in it from a publisher but I turned it down as I felt it was too soon. I can go back to him if I want. I have not approached any – he found me – and I don’t know what I shall do when I get to the point where I need to make approaches. Have you any thoughts about yours? The writing of a book takes up all your energies and then you have to find even more from somewhere to start promotion or seeking representation and a publisher. I just wish I had a ME out there. I know how to promote my musicians but it is a different kettle of fish doing it for ones-self. Good luck with it all…:)


              • Mine is still a fair way from final draft and of late has been neglected for my love of short stories plus another idea I’m working on. Really, I think at the moment the anthology idea is more do-able.


  4. Thanks for publicising this, Jane! 🙂 And thank you for your contributions.


    • I am happy to do as much as I can Margot, it is in a great cause and, as you know, I have a soft spot for The Hospice Movement. 🙂


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