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POD-CAST: Changing the Guard. Live today – follow the links for this and more

January 6, 2014
(c) Unknown

(c) Unknown


Live today via Morgen Bailey and read by her

Visit these links to hear this short story plus others by me, as well as stories by other authors.

You can also catch up with and read my other stories published via Morgen by following these links.

The Pod-Casts also appear on the following:

Morgen’s posts are automatically posted here too and you can read/hear my work by following these links:

Well, now you have no excuse.  You can catch up with my Short Stories and Flash Fiction pieces by following the links above as well as going to the Menu above and clicking on Blog and Tasters.

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I don’t have a Twitter account yet but I am told that several loyal followers Tweet my stories often and I thank them for this; really appreciated.

If you manage to read or hear one of my Short Stories or a Pod-Cast of them do please leave Morgen and me a comment and let us know your thoughts.  Both of us would love to hear from you and, from my point of view, any feedback helps me improve and hopefully become a better writer.

Thanks for being here.

Thanks again Morgen, you are a star!

Jane xx


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  1. Oh, I do love that story, Jane! Thanks.


    • Thanks Margot, I almost forgot Morgen was pod-casting this week. Too much going on. She is wonderful doing all this and I appreciate it no end. I have had lots of people tweeting me apparently – has happened before. I guess I need to get with the programme but so far shied away…do you Tweet? Happy you love the story…I do too. lol


      • I do indeed tweet, Jane, and I recommend it.


        • Oh you are clever….I am becoming a Luddite I fear. I will get to grips with it as soon as my brain is in gear. Does it take up a lot of your time? I will get round to it I am sure. 140 characters should be fine with me – had enough practice here! 🙂


          • It’s actually quite easy. I have my blog feed there automatically, and I’ve made some delightful Twitter contacts. Setting up an account takes very little time, and it allows for quite a wide ‘reach.’


            • You have sold me….I am always being told to get with it and I guess I should. Once I am back to ‘normal,’ I shall dip my toe in and see what the water is like. I am sure you must have a massive reach by now and I can join your followers there to see how it is done.


              • Well, I wouldn’t say ‘massive,’ but I’ve made some great contacts. Once you do join, let me know and I can follow you. Oh, and FYI, your WordPress blog can be set so that it feeds automatically onto Twitter…


                • Really, didn’t know that. I have seen something backstage about Twitter (on here) but have avoided it for fear of not having a clue…oops I have used a ‘No No’ (just been reading your blog). I thought I’d need an account on Twitter to do it. I shall investigate upon my return and once the ‘crime’ is solved, report back with my conclusions and remedy my lack of Tweeting Twittering and I fear, possibly twaddle. 🙂


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