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Season’s Greetings to all my wonderful friends and followers.

December 22, 2013
Going to be a hard winter - lots of berries out. (c) Jane Risdon 2011

Going to be a hard winter – lots of berries out. (c) Jane Risdon 2011

Wishing all my wonderful friends and followers here the very happiest and fun-filled Festive Season and the happiest, safest, healthiest and most prosperous New Year.

I have really loved meeting you and chatting with you all here and want to thank you all for making this blog a place I like to visit every day – such fun to see what you are all doing and what comments you have made.

I do hope you enjoy visiting and catching up with me as well.

I am going to be away for a few days and so I want to let you know that I will catch up with you when I get back.

If you are still thinking about gifts for someone who likes to read Crime stories, do please consider helping The Princess Alice Hospice and purchasing In A Word: Murder.  They exist on donations only and do such a wonderful job for those who are terminally ill.  They cared for Crime writer, blogger and editor Maxine Clarke especially. Maxine passed away last year and this book is to her memory and benefit of the Hospice.

In A Word: Murder. Published 3rd November 2013.  Crime Anthology

In A Word: Murder. Published 3rd November 2013. Crime Anthology

I think of  In A Word: Murder,  as the gift which keeps on giving.  I would be thrilled if you gave this as a gift and by doing so, helped the Hospice and their patients at the same time.

You can purchase ‘In A Word: Murder’ on amazon:

US Kindle:

UK Kindle:

The Princess Alice Hospice:

Maxine Clarke’s blog ‘Petrona,’ was influential and informative and is still available to view:

and at




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  1. sending a wish for a most happy and creative new year
    thanks for stopping by, Eddie


  2. Hi Jane,

    Long time no speak. I hope you’re feeling better and you’ve enjoyed your Christmas.

    Finally, I managed to read Hollywood Cover Up: I really enjoyed it. In addition to the story itself and the clever plot twists, I love the way Tupps’ Englishness stands out. It’s easy to lose yourself in Americana when writing about America.

    Great story and looking forward to reading more.



    • How kind of you Chris. I know about getting Americanised…having lived there for years it is easy to soak up everything. One brother is very American in his speech and all and my son is not….so I guess it depends on how far you are willing to go!! Now let me know what you think of Dreamer – very English! 1980’s English!


  3. Thanks Jane and a Merry Christmas to you.


  4. Have a fabulous Christmas Jane and many thanks for all your support in 2013! Jo xxx


    • You too Jo and I hope 2014 brings lots of everything you wish for yourself and your family. Thanks for your support too, really appreciated. 🙂


  5. Jane, sending you season’s greetings… no, hang on, I’m going to be un-PC and totally forthright and German/British blunt. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! There! Wishing you and your family a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful New Year, with every success for 2014.

    Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm this past year. Your friendship and research input has meant the world, and you really, truly rock. Big hugs and happy smiles from yours



    • The same to you too Nicky, been fun knowing you too and long may our friendship continue. Lots of success for all your ventures and writing….I just know you will be realty successful. Happy 2014 to you and your family too 🙂


  6. Happy Christmas, Jane! Hope it’s filled with joy and lots and lots of word count on a new book!


  7. Merry Christmas, Jane! I am happy to know you. Many blessings in the New Year, Jeanice


  8. All the best to you and your family too, Jane!


    • Many thanks Margot and you to. I shall catch up with your blog and reading all your new posts after the break. More time to enjoy it then. 🙂


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