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Revenge – How far would you go? Take and look and see.

December 13, 2013

(c) Unknown

(c) Unknown

Find out how far one person will go to exact revenge upon the one who has betrayed her.

My Flash Fiction story ‘REVENGE’ has gone live.

Follow the link and do let me know what you think.

And please do leave your comments for Morgen who does so much to help writers and bloggers.

As usual this will be Pod-cast on 26th January 2014 – links to follow nearer the date.

You can find many more examples of my work – just go to the Menu on my blog.  If you read anything you like let me know.  Feedback is always appreciated.

Don’t Forget:

 You can always find my work Published on Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog:

Revenge from beyond the Grave.  (c) Jane Risdon 2013

Revenge from beyond the Grave. (c) Jane Risdon 2013

So, do tell us: How far would you go to exact REVENGE upon someone who has betrayed you?  Do let us all know.

Do you know someone who took wrought their REVENGE in an unusual manner?

Share your knowledge with us all here.  We are all fascinated to know.

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  1. Jane – It’s a great story! Thanks for sharing. I’m impressed by how much you convey in just a few words.


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