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Excuses No More!

November 23, 2013

Lesley Fletcher is the talented artist who created this wonderful cover for In A Word: Murder. Thanks so much Les for a fabulous piece of art which I just love.

Inspiration Import

When I bought my (stupid) little laptop it came with Microsoft Office but much to my surprise each component could only be used ten times and although I could continue using Word, for instance to open and read a word document, all other functionality was locked out. I had a copy of Office but it was on a CD and my (stupid) laptop didn’t have the capacity for a CD so what to do, what to do? I didn’t feel I should have to buy another copy when my copy was licensed for 2 computers. (If it sounds like I am whining – I was) and then a friend told me about Open Office. I use Open Office most of the time for my writing even though my new computer came with a full version of MS Office.

ENTER – Open Office which is a free software with everything I…

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  1. Thanks for the RB Jane and the compliments (shucks)


  2. It is a lovely cover, isn’t it, Jane?


    • I really love it – so eye catching and sinister too. x


    • Margot, a blind reader/author has queried whether or not text to speech has been enabled on In A Word: Murder? I couldn’t answer her and wonder if you know or have made a decision about this already. Please let me know. Many thanks. Jane.


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