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You Too Got to Lend a Hand*

November 14, 2013

This cannot have failed to have touched us one and all…if there is any way in which you can help ease their suffering, do please try and do something. Reblogged from Margot Kinberg, Confessions of a Mystery Novelist.

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

philippines_typhoon_29112469I’m sure you’re as horrified as I am by the tragedy that has befallen the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. Even for a writer, there aren’t really effective words to describe the awful loss and devastation. We can’t all hop on a plane and go in person to help dig through the rubble and care for survivors. But we can support those who do. Here are a few ways:


  • Find a volunteer group in your area that’s sending supplies or volunteer rescuers and help them. Donate clothes, blankets, whatever you can.

  • The Red Cross, as always, is already active in the area. Be generous with your country’s Red Cross. For US residents, you can donate right here. If you’re not in the US, it doesn’t take many keyboard clicks to find your country’s Red Cross donation site.

  • UNICEF is also very active in the wake of this…

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    1. Thank you for inspiring me. I’m going to be giving away royalties received on two of my titles. Thank you and blessings for your continued success.


      • Thanks so much for saying this Susan. What a fantastic thing to do and everything we can do will help I am sure. Heart-breaking to see and makes me feel so helpless when you see the scale. But we have to begin somewhere. Do send your links to my FB author page and I will post there for you. – so inspirational yourself. 🙂


    2. Thanks, Jane, for passing this on!


      • My pleasure Margot, every little helps.


      • Margot, I have reblogged this and have been really uplifted by the number of people who have taken it up and have reblogged again and again. One author contacted me to say she is giving the proceeds from the sale of two of her novels to the effort. So thanks for your original post and thanks so much for enabling me to reblog it. I do hope this really takes off and makes a difference. Jane xx


    3. Susan, thanks for sharing…I was inspired by Margot Kinberg – she and I (plus others) are contributors to a book in aid of The Princess Alice Hospice where a great friend of hers died last year. Maxine Clarke was a well loved and respected author and the book we have contributed towards is in her memory raising funds for the Hospice. We all like to do something for others when we can. Thanks for taking up the cause for the Philippines. 🙂


    4. Susan, I really appreciate this and I do hope that together we can all make a difference. I originally reblogged this from Margot Kinberg, a wonderful lady, who, like me, tries to do her bit for various good causes. Good luck and many thanks again. 🙂


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