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Changing the Guard – Flash Fiction Story (191 words) live link 1st November 2013

November 1, 2013

(c) Unknown

(c) Unknown


Changing the Guard

My 191 word Flash Fiction Story has gone live early today.

Follow this live link to read it over on Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog.

Do let me know what you think.  I wrote it for my writing group weekly competition whereby we had to write a short story in less than 200 words.  There was a photo of several people sitting at a long table, with one person giving what looked like a speech, which provided the theme and this is my effort.  I do hope you like it.

I know Morgen would appreciate seeing your comments and so do please let her know what you think as she has been (is) very supportive of me and just as I love reading your remarks here it would be great if you could leave some comments on her blog too.

Thanks so much for your support, always appreciated.


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  1. Really enjoyed that, Jane 🙂


  2. Heading over now Jane – My it has been a long day! I am trying to do a bit of catching up but seem to be slowing down.


  3. Fabulous story, Jane! I love the twist at the end, and you do a really effective job of creating atmosphere in just such a short story.


    • Thanks Margot…appreciated. I actually enjoy the challenge. I am pleased you got so much from the story. It was fun writing it.


  4. Val permalink

    Wonderful Jane, you never cease to amaze me !!


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