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Pod-Cast of ‘The Letter,’ has gone live – 6th Oct. 2013 7Pm (UK) read by Morgen Bailey

October 2, 2013
The Letter, 456 words (c) Jane Risdon 2013

The Letter, 456 words (c) Jane Risdon 2013

My short story ‘The Letter’ which was published on Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog  during the summer is now being

Pod-Cast;  6th October 2013 at 7pm (UK) time.

Morgen is reading my 456 word piece which is about long-held secrets, the past catching up and decisions to be made.

Live links

I do hope you will visit and hear ‘The Letter’ being read by her.

This will also go out via Twitter and LinkedIn and various other Social Networking sites.

I know many of you who read the on-line story enjoyed it a lot so I hope that you will pop over and hear it.  Let me know.  Don’t be shy.

The links to listen to the podcast are on the blog post but they are…

iTunes (the first item), Google’s Feedburner (scroll to the end), PodbeanPodcasters and Podcast Alley.

It goes on Google (there) first then iTunes (shouldn’t be too long) then the others so it may not be on the others yet.

All Morgen’s blog posts are automatically linked to herTwitter profile (3,600+ followers), Facebook (1,300+ writing friends), LinkedIn and Tumblr, so this piece was immediately ‘advertised’ there.

Morgen does this with all my Short Stories and Flash Fiction stories so do check them out as well.

Many Thanks.

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  1. Wonderful news. Many congratulations.


    • Thanks so much Susan, appreciated. How are things with you? Good I hope.


      • Crazy busy. Writing, publishing, radio stuff, blog stuff. I can’t wait to retire! LOL. 🙂 How about you. Well, I hope.


        • Glad to hear things going well, good luck with everything. Yes, busy too and trying to cope with injured shoulder and so on so slower than planned. I am retired. Still not enough time!! Keep on keeping on Susan…..:)


  2. So excited for you, Jane! I’ll be looking forward to listening to the story.


  3. Pleased you found this and I hope you enjoyed it. Do come again 🙂


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