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Pod-Cast: The Secret of Willow Cottage and the Tale of the Jilted Lover, 11th August 7pm UK

September 26, 2013


My Flash Fiction story, The Secret of Willow Cottage and the Tale of the Jilted Lover is being Pod-Cast tonight at 7pm UK time on Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog. 

To hear Morgen read this, follow the link:

So many people enjoyed the original Flash Fiction story – The Secret of Willow Cottage and the Tale of the Reluctant Bride – I was encouraged to write the story of what happened to her lost lover, Sebastian. 

This was published 5th April and it is still available to read if you want to remind yourself of the story.

The Link is:

It was Pod-Cast on 30th June and to hear Morgen read it the link is:

Where Serena's wedding took place (c) Jane Risdon 2010

Where Serena’s wedding took place (c) Jane Risdon 2010

Willow Cottage (c) Jane Risdon 2010 - Features in The Secret of Willow Cottage Cottage

Willow Cottage (c) Jane Risdon 2010 – Features in The Secret of Willow Cottage


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  1. Brilliant. I really need to read more of your words, Jane.
    Nic 🙂


    • Nic, not sure if I replied or not. Been hectic here the last few weeks and my head is all over the show. I appreciate your comments, so uplifting to me, and want to thank you for visiting and reading and following. I do have a 191 word piece f flash fiction due on Morgen’s blog on 1st November 7pm UK…I wrote it for a weekly comp in my writing group (we are not a heavy group, just chat mainly) and the piece had to be under 200 words. I hope you will find time to go and read it and let me have your thoughts. It is called ‘Changing the Guard.’

      I do have two stories coming out in an anthology (in aid of The Princess Alice Hospice, Farnham) in December. There are a handful of contributors who are from across the globe and who are successful writers but wanted to honour the person who inspired the book – an editor – who died last year. The anthology is called ‘In A Word; Murder’ and has been edited and compiled by Margot who is such a good inspiration and influence on me and so supportive of my work. I’ve written two approx. 10,000 words (each) stories which are based on publishing of some kind – a crime has to be committed – and so I have gone to town on them. It will be on sale in time for Christmas and I am so very honoured to have been included and to be amongst such talent. So keep an eye out for this if keen to read more of my work. I am so thrilled you say you want to. Chat again soon I hope. Jane x


      • Hi Jane
        Thank you for those words. I am finding after four weeks of this blogging lark that there is a real community here. Already I have established some favourite writers and look out for their posts and updates every day.
        Loads of luck with your stories.
        I am working on my first children’s novel… eight chapters written with about 20 envisaged. Posting a chapter at a time here on WordPress.
        Once again, very best wishes. Nic x


        • I know, I have been naughty this year since my accident and have not blogged as often as I’d like. There are some fab people here and I have felt a true friendship with many over the eighteen months or so I have blogged. It is wonderful to know we are not writing in isolation and many of our trials and tribulations are experienced by many others. I shall pop and read your chapters and wish you all the best for the book when finished. Chat soon I hope. Janex


  2. 🙂 thanks for your visit and do come back again. 🙂


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