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Summer of Love: Short Story goes live tonight 28th June 7pm UK

June 23, 2013

Above is a BBC Documentary which I found on YouTube called ‘The Summer of 1967 – The Summer of Love Documentary’.  I think it might be of interest to those of you too young to remember and for those of you who might enjoy reminiscing.


Summer of Love

by Jane Risdon

My 490 word Short Story, Summer of Love, goes live on Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog tonight 28th June at 7pm UK time.  It is a fictional Love In at Stonehenge around 1967.

Look out for Flash Fiction Friday – where my story is tonight.

I wrote the story as an entry for my writing group monthly competition which had the theme of Summer Solstice and a maximum word count of 500 words.

I do hope you will drop in on Morgen’s blog and read my story and do please leave both Morgen and I your comments there and on here as well.  it is always nice to know what people think.

Live link for 28th June – do make a note…..and be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!

1967 Hippies – Love In Los Angeles, Photography by Waldo Nilo.


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  1. Loved the Summer of Love documentary. I was only 16 then but I recall reading about it and wishing I was old enough to be part of it.


    • Steve glad you enjoyed the documentary and do let me know if you read my story Summer of Love on either Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog or here on my Blog? Links are on the posts. Appreciate your visit. Peace and Love lol.


  2. Great video! look forward to your short 🙂


  3. supernova1c permalink

    Will do Jane 😉


    • Oh thanks so much and I am so thrilled you are interested. Hoping life is good for you too. I am behind with reading blogs and posts and commenting as my shoulder gets worse and typing difficult. Also got deadlines for writing, but I shall be over soon. Have a great day! 🙂


  4. Nice piece, Jane, we got engaged in the autumn of that year and married in January 1968. The film looks fun but does rather perpetuate the myth that everyone was either drunk, drugged or bonking themselves to death – not in Bournemouth they weren’t! (Though it was the Pill that really fuelled the Sexual Revolution and that arrived a few years earlier!)


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