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The Secret of Willow Cottage and the Tale of the Jilted Lover: 31st May 2013

May 10, 2013

For those of you who enjoyed my Flash Fiction story, ‘The Secret of Willow Cottage and the Tale of the Reluctant Bride,‘ and who asked what happened to Serena Beaufort’s  jilted lover, Sebastian Nugent,

Willow Cottage (c) Jane Risdon 2010 - Features in The Secret of Willow Cottage Cottage

Willow Cottage (c) Jane Risdon 2010 – Features in The Secret of Willow Cottage

I have written Sebastian’s story, ‘The Secret of Willow Cottage and the Tale of the Jilted Lover,‘ and Morgen Bailey has kindly agreed to publish this on 31st May 2013 at  7pm (UK) time.

Where Serena's wedding took place (c) Jane Risdon 2010

Where Serena’s wedding took place (c) Jane Risdon 2010

I will publish links to the story nearer the date.

This will also be Pod-Cast on Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog on 11th August 2013.

If you are interested in reading any of my other Flash Fiction stories (and hearing the Pod-casts) you can find these on Morgen Bailey’s Blog.  I also have Short Stories there.

You will find my work and that of many other talented and exciting authors by following this link:

Morgen also has lots of groups for writers, tips and interviews which you may find of interest and she is an author in her own right.

If you have not read ‘The Secret of Willow Cottage and the Tale of the Reluctant Bride,’  please do drop over to Morgen’s pages and read it there.

You will find Serena Beaufort’s story by following this link:

This will be Pod-Cast on 30th June 2013.  I will publish links nearer the date.

I am thrilled that people loved Serena’s story enough to want to read more, and even my own husband wanted to discover what happened to Sebastian:  I can never refuse him!

Thanks so much.  I do hope you will enjoy Sebastian’s story as much as Serena’s.  No doubt you will let me know.


The Letter, 456 words (c) Jane Risdon 2013

The Letter, 456 words (c) Jane Risdon 2013

I’ve just won my writing group’s competition for April/May with a Short Story called ‘The Letter’ – 456 words.  I’ve added this to the Menu above, under Tasters.  The judge is a successful published author and I am so chuffed to have come first because the competition was really stiff with so many fabulous entries to consider.  Leave me a comment if you drop in and read it or any of the other Tasters there.  I’d love to know what you think.


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  1. This is brilliant!
    Thank you for the ‘like’ on my blog 🙂


    • Oh I am so glad you read the Jilted Lover – it was written in response to readers wanting to have a prequel to The Secret of Willow Cottage and the Tale of the Reluctant Bride. If you haven’t read this yet, do pop and take a look. I’d love to know what you think. I usually write crime so this was a stab at romance/adventure for me. I do venture into other genres now and again as you might find if you read what I offer here or via Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog and Pod-casts. My novels are still being completed and these are all different too. So pleased you came over for a visit and I hope you pop back again soon. I really enjoy your stories and blog too. I should leave a comment every time but typing is hard for me due to my shoulder/collar bone injury so I sometimes chicken out. Sorry. 🙂


  2. Love, it Jane. As a journalist who was forced for many years to write page leads at less than 250 words, I know how hard that task is. But to do it with a story and succeed is just amazing.
    Okay, less than 100 words next time! (joking!) 😉


    • I have actually written a short story with less than 100 words and am trying to think what I have done with it. Glad you liked Willow Cottage – Reluctant Bride and the story I was urged to write by so many readers here; Willow Cottage and the Jilted Lover. Changing the Guard was for a competition and a photo was the theme. I have lots of odds and sods under Tasters and About so I shall go and look for the 100 words. Kind of you to read them and to comment; much appreciated and your opinion is truly welcome. 🙂


    • Revenge – Flash Fiction (100 words)

      Revenge Jane Risdon (c) 2013

      100 Words

      My only regret is that when the realisation hits him, when all the evidence points to him and his life is in ruins, I shan’t be there to see the look on his face when it dawns on him.

      Revenge is a dish best served cold apparently. Well, I shall be cold in my grave unable to enjoy the moment my murder is pinned on him. I’ve left clues, irrefutable evidence. No-one will ever suspect that I murdered myself, but no matter. I go to my grave content that for once I have the upper hand.

      The End
      I just found this. For the same comp.


  3. I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the awesome works guys I’ve included you guys to blogroll.


    • Many thanks, glad you enjoyed my stories and the blog. Great to meet you and do pop back soon. Appreciated.


    • Thanks so much Adell, much appreciated and do pop back soon and let me know what you’ve read here and your thought on it.


  4. Jane, it was a pleasure to be introduced to you through Nicky’s fab blog. I am planning to take some time to pop over to Morgen’s blog and read your work. It sounds very intriguing!


    • Patricia, many thanks for taking time to come over here and comment and thanks for your interest in my various stories with Morgen. Crime is my passion and my main WIP is my novel Ms Birdsong Investigates….though I have just completed my parts of a co-written novel with another author which isn’t crime or anything I’ve ever done before. So glad you enjoyed the interview and the one with Nick Elliot today… clever of Nicky to find him. 🙂


  5. Congratulations on your win!


    • Patsy, many thanks for your congratulations – what have I won? I am all excited not. Do tell. Thanks for popping in.


  6. Vanessa Ryan permalink

    I enjoyed reading The Secret of Willow Cottage and the tale of the Reluctant Bride. When I bought my current house, what I thought was a built-in metal container in the fireplace hearth for storing ashes, turned out to be a safe. But to open the safe would cost me several hundred dollars, so I’ve never opened it. I suppose if and when I move, if I have extra money floating around, I will get the safe manufacturer to come and open it.


    • Vanessa, many thanks for popping over and reading The Secret of Willow Cottage. Not my usual crime story but I am glad you liked it. Oh do please let me know if you ever open your container….it may have hidden treasure, maps and loot! Sounds wonderful. I have lived in a house that I think was haunted and have seen some of the ‘guests,’ wandering around but never a trunk with a secret. This story was based on a conversation I over-heard about a young girl who got shut in a trunk and was not found for decades.


  7. Well done as usual, Jane.


    • Thanks for reading it Phyllis, hope you will drop into to read the Jilted Lover’s tale later this month. Being published on Morgen’s pages on 31st May and Pod-Cast 11th August. Serena’s story is to be Pod-cast on 30th June.


  8. Congrats, Jane, looking foward to reading more! 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Well there has been a lot before and since so I hope you will seek them out. Great to see you here, thanks a bundle. 🙂


  9. Yay! Can’t wait to read it 🙂


    • Am glad you cannot wait….neither can I. 🙂 I tried and tried to comment on your gorgeous guy post and every time I got to publish it cut the internet connection and it got lost. Anyone else have a problem? Enjoyed it a lot.


      • No one had a problem as far as I know, I did see your comment glad you liked it 🙂


        • Oh I wrote something I thought was funny but by the time it had disappeared and I’d rebooted half a dozen times I forgot what I’d written….so ended up with what you got. The connection kept being lost as soon as I clicked on post. 🙂


  10. woohoo curious to see how this goes on! X


    • Me too. My husband was so upset at what happened to Serena and was so concerned about Sebastian, I had to write his story. Several people had asked me to let them know what happened and so……wait and see. Not my usual story but, well, you’ll see. 🙂


  11. Oh, how exciting, Jane! I’m very much looking forward to reading Sebastian’s story. 🙂


    • Hello Margot, hope you have a wonderful weekend. yes, I managed to come up with Sebastian’s story and I do hope when it is published you will enjoy it. So many people contacted me to ask what happened to him I had to write his story. i hope it won’t disappoint. Thanks for your interest….fingers crossed. 🙂


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