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Centre Stage with Nicky Wells today at 9am (UK) onwards

May 1, 2013
City of Dreams (c) Jane Risdon 2003

City of Dreams (c) Jane Risdon 2003

My interview on Nicky Wells’ Centre Stage goes live today at 9am.  I had to giggle when I saw how she is promoting it… husband will be laughing his head off, but then he says I make him laugh a lot.  Let’s hope he is still laughing after my chat with Nicky.

How does that song go Nicky?  ‘You build me up….’

Just messing around.  It was great chatting to you; the wine was wonderful and the Twiglets were yummy.  I had a blast!

If you get chance and want to know more about why I write and who inspired me all those years ago when I was a lowly Civil Servant, do please follow the links to Romance That Rocks Your World, Centre Stage and ….me:

Do let me know what you think – leave me a comment here and also on Nicky’s blog as she would love to know what you think as well.
Thanks to everyone who has taken time to follow me, read my posts and give me their feedback.  It is so welcome and so appreciated.  If I haven’t thanked you personally, forgive me.  I seem to find time racing away from me these days.
In the meantime as Nicky would say, ‘ROCK ON.’

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  1. Val Risdon permalink

    Great interview Jane as always ! What a great life !! Thanks to Nicky also.


  2. Great interview Jane, really enjoyed it 🙂


    • Glad Linda, answering the questions was hard to do in a short way, because there is so much to cover…glad you enjoyed it. Thanks 🙂


  3. Jane – What a terrific interview!! Thanks for sharing your background with us.


    • Margot, glad you liked it. Nicky loves anything to do with Rock and I have given her some inside info re how the business works, so this was inevitable. Thanks so much for reading.


  4. Jane, I enjoyed reading about your life, thanks to both you and Nicky for the interview, well done!



  5. LOL, it’s an honour to have you. I hope your husband doesn’t lose his head completely with laughter, haw haw. ROCK ON indeed!


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