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It’s the final countdown – The Honey Trap goes live on 30th Nov. 7pm.

November 27, 2012

How does a building like this feature in The Honey Trap?

Only four days to go until you can read my Flash Fiction  story, ‘The Honey Trap’ on Morgen Bailey’s Flash Fiction Friday slot.

I do hope you will be kind and visit her blog on 30th Nov 7pm and find out why I seem to  have  developed  ‘ a thing’ about bathrooms all of a sudden.

As I wrote that just then I suddenly realised that I must have some sort of ‘thing’ for bathrooms.   In Ms Birdsong Investigates there is a ‘bathroom’ scene more than once!  It has only just occurred to me.  I may need therapy after-all.

You hum it I'll play it.

‘Sweet Love’ – You hum it, I’ll play it.

Of course, being musical I couldn’t resist adding this.  Just because I can.

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  1. Carol Matthews permalink

    Mrs Woman, you are making me very curious, soooo impatient now to discover your bathroom tendencies!!!Joking apart sounds fascinating and am really looking forward to it! xxxx


    • That is the whole point…glad you are curious and will read it. I do hope it is good enough to meet your expectations after all this. Let me and let Morgen know. You will always check you have cleaned the bath after this…..before you use it again. Thanks for popping in Carol, much appreciated.


  2. Jane – Oooh, it’s getting close! I’m very much looking forwad to it!


    • I hope I don’t disappoint….I try. Let me know when you have read it. Thanks for your support, means a lot.


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