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Links to Morgen Bailey’s Short Story Saturday feat. A Walk To Destiny

November 24, 2012

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  1. Jane I loved the story – thoroughly enjoyed it and could picture the landscape you described. You and I must have had a similar type of childhood despite they were in two totally different types of countries – the basics were obviously the same, and hold the same memories for us too.
    As I have said before, you are a talented writer and you describe those memories so well. xx


    • Thanks Jo, means a lot to have you say this….I am the biggest worrier where writing is concerned. Yes, those childhoods don’t seem to exist anymore…so sad. I pass that farm now and it is a chain restaurant with faux stuff inside…but the main farm kitchen area and brickwork is still there. The farmland is now a huge housing estate so the farmer made millions when selling it for redevelopment!! I thought you would like the sheep in the story. back then they had cows and chickens. Appreciated your comment and thanks for reading. Good luck next week with The Next Big Thing..looking forward to it. xx


  2. Brilliant blog Jane and a fabulous story xxxx


    • Many thanks ladies, appreciate your time reading my story and commenting. Wonderful. Good chatting last night as well, hope you have a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead. x


  3. Jane – That is a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing!


    • Hope you liked it Margot. Not my normal style. If you can and have time would you leave a comment on the story so Morgen can see I have had some interest as she likes to keep an eye on it of course. Only if you have time though. Thanks.


    • Oh thanks, I write a few now and again for Charity normally and this one was for Domestic Violence but the project fell through.


      • Sorry to hear the project fell through, but the story is terrific! And the cause is, sadly, all too urgent.


        • I know, but at least every little helps. I Am Woman Vol 1 is still available, though there is now a vol 2 avail on amazon with plans for a vol 3 in pipeline so I may get another story in a future book. All in aid of Breakthrough, Women for Women and Women’s Aid.
          Thanks for popping back – appreciated. I am planning browsing your pages later today. Got some writing to get done today – deadline t meet.
          Enjoy your day and have a successful week. xx


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