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A Walk To Destiny – feat. on Morgen Bailey’s Short Story Saturday 24th Nov. 2012 6pm

November 23, 2012

I don’t often stray from Crime writing unless it is to write a piece of what I call ‘Gentle Humour,’ but I was out walking last year armed with my camera as usual, when I decided to take a different route through the woods near where I lived  – those who follow me know I moved not long ago.  Anyway, I came to a wooden stile and for a moment I wondered about passing it or crossing it.

This stile features in my short story; A Walk To Destiny.

To pass by or to cross the stile? Inspiration for a Short Story

And in that moment an idea for a story took shape in my mind.

This story is not Crime or Humour by the way. 

If you’d like to find out what happened next please follow the links on here to Morgen Bailey’s Short Story Saturday – on her blog – and you can read A Walk To destiny there on 24th November 201 at 6pm.


Discover what rusting farm machinery has to do with my story.


Farm land features in my short story

A Walk to Destiny

Deserted Farm house and farm, rusting machinery, a stile and memories.


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  1. Jane – Oh, how cool! I will definitely stop back tomorrow and read that story. And thanks for sharing the lovely ‘photos.


    • Margot, thanks so much for taking an interest. I am not sure what time Morgen goes ‘live,’ but I am sure it will be at some point later today. Let me know your thoughts…she asks nervously! Have a brilliant day.


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