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Discovering My New Area

September 10, 2012

Had a lovely long walk on Sunday – over two hours – in brilliant sunshine and loved it.

Explored the local area – my first chance really since moving – and I didn’t need a brolly either!
Took lots of photos so here are a few.  Hope you enjoy them.


Walk on Sunday in the local area

Local rural scene

Making hay

Not far from me they were hay-making….lovely

Lovely views not far from me

Lovely vistas near me

There was a fabulous sky the other night:  Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight, red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning!  And the weather is on the change so the sky told the truth.

Hope you are having the best day and the best week wherever you are.



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  1. looks lovely where you are!


    • Only just seen this! Hope all is well and the book coming along at a cracking pace. xx


      • more like a slow crawl!!! hope u are well jane xx


        • Hi Linda, yes the book is coming on well – of should I say all 3 books….Ms Birdsong Investigates is doing well, though I am stuck with a few parts, such as finishing it!! I have the murders and murderer and now need to end it but need to tie up loose ends first. the co-write with my author pal has slowed s she was ill and I am waiting for her part to be finished so I can conclude my part….and I am also doing NaNoWriMo and am about 30,000 words into it at the moment. The co-write is not crime and the NaNo is gentle humour. So busy. How is yours coming on? Made any changes and is it ready again? Thanks for visiting, come back Tuesday as I am The Next Big thing then…lol xx


  2. Your new area looks lovely, Jane. I hope you have fun walking in the countryside and find much inspiration for your writing.


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