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Gaggle of Geese

August 17, 2012

Such a funny week.   Three times I spotted a gaggle of Canada geese under my window and near the bus stop,  but by the time I managed to get my camera, they had gone.
I started thinking I was imagining them.  Yesterday I managed to spot them and get my camera and take some shots of them.  About 30 in total, wandering around pecking at the grass and eating the plants.  They’ve left a terrible ‘mess’ on the ground where they  were which isn’t too nice!
I took some photos, but I’m not happy with them as they are a bit out of focus and can only think that the light – very cloudy white sky – was too intense.  I had to take the photos from high up and facing a wide white sky. 

Here are the photos – I hope you can see beyond the focus issue.  I have not seen them since so  I’m glad I

Gaggle of Canada Geese which kept appearing and disappearing outside my home

took them when the opportunity arose regardless of the quality.  Such an awesome sight.

There was a leader – he stood apart and watched the others and when he got bored he moved off and they all fell into line behind him, two by two…..wonder where they live.

More Canada Geese outside my window

Canada Geese enjoying the plants as the boss keeps watch!

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  1. Amazing, thanks for sharing!


    • They are haunting me Nicky. Every day they are out there, lurking – all 30 of them. Fascinating to watch but so very messy!


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