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Works in Progress update

August 6, 2012

I have been enjoying a big writing splurge the past few days.  I don’t know what has come over me but I have written a 2,500 word short story for inclusion (I hope, fingers crossed) in another Anthology, plus I’ve written 2,400 words for a competition for one of my Writing Groups, and I have  managed to write over 4,000 words towards one of my WIP (not Ms Birdsong) which is a co-write with another author.

I think I may be having a ‘funny five minutes’!  Seriously, I am not on drugs but I feel inspired.  No vino either…..weird or what?

The story I have submitted for the anthology is based on one of my many walks in the woods – you know how I love walking and how I get my inspiration whilst I am ‘communing with nature’.  The story I hope they will accept is about someone going for a long walk to help her make a decision about a major problem in her life.  As she walks she recalls various times in her life, some of the scenery she sees reminds her of events and places she has been and what made her happy back then. I’ve called this short story ‘A Walk to Destiny’.

Hopefully if it  is accepted I can tell you more about the Anthology and you can then read the story for yourselves – I have submitted two by the way, another one called ‘The Watchers’, was submitted a while back and is still in the running so I am told.

‘The Watchers’ is about someone who is stalked and it has a very unexpected twist in the tale – so again, I hope it gets published.  I will keep you updated.

I can’t say anything about my new WIP (work in progress) at the moment as it is a secret collaboration with another author, but I can say it is a complete change of genre for me (no crime!!) and so it is stretching me which is good.  It is such a lot of fun as well.  As soon as we are ready I shall spill the beans.

Ms Birdsong Investigates is coming along really well.  I have over 60,000 words written and lots more to write.  She has taken some unexpected turns since I first thought of her character, and I am really pleased with how she has developed. 

On my Facebook author page I have added some photos of the places which inspired me when writing about her and her new life in Ampney Parva – the mythical village I have created on the Oxfordshire/Berkshire border in England.  Pop across and have a look.  Leave a message if you do, I love to see who has visited.

Until next time, have a great week and do visit again and leave me a message I love to read your comments.   For example, I would love to know how you deal with a serious problem  – do you walk or write or paint for instance?  do you take long walks like I do and like my character does in ‘A Walk to Destiny’?

The link to my Facebook Author Page is over on the right – click on the Red book next to ‘likes’ and it should take you right there.

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