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Welcome to my blog !

May 8, 2012

Welcome to my blog !.

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  1. Hi Jane, technical difficulties not withstanding, I greatly enjoy following your blog, and I’ve tagged you for a Versatile Blogger Award! I don’t know if that’s your thing but I thought you might enjoy 🙂


    • Hi, Nicky, I have only just seen this so forgive the late reply. Thanks so much for putting me forward – I am so thrilled you think of me that way. I shall pop and have a look asap. Technical problems have been stalking me of late and so I have not been here to blog for ages. I shall endeavour to rectify that this week, internet willing. Thanks again – am so thrilled. Have a great day. xx


      • No worries, I know exactly what it’s like! Glad you found it in the end and hope you enjoy the award: it’s a great way to meet new bloggers! x


  2. Hey, Jane, I can see your reply and I also got it via email. Now I’m totally confused, though. Is this your main blog or am I still in the wrong place? XX


    • Main blog Nicky, I am getting confused as I seem to get the same messages over and over but looking as if my replies are not showing up as having been sent. Hence the confusion for me and you. Then there is the email option which also indicates a reply has not been made. My computer has not been happy since the move and change of wi-fi so wonder if that is the cause. I also have my author page on – How is your child now and how is the questionnaire coming along? Am awaiting questions with anticipation….


      • What a nightmare! Technology is great–until it gets confused. My 7yo is much better, thanks! And RE those questions: they’re on the agenda for tonight, if I can possibly make it. Am catching up on things tonight as spent day editing Sophie’s Turn and threatening estate agents with pulling out if they don’t move their action up a notch or three. SOOOO frustrating… Be in touch shortly!


  3. I think I’ve finally found the right, current, uptodate blog. Right? Please say I’m right. Looking good, love your style, look forward to plenty more pieces… Good luck with the inspiration tonight RE Radio 4!! Oh, and thanks for following mine! X


    • Nicky, I think this is an older post but I unable to open at the moment. Thanks for popping back and following. I shall have a look later and pop over to yours later. Nothing happened on Radio4 last night to fire off any sparks, so hoping Any Questions might get me going later!



    • Nicky, I have to give the same reply to you as I did to Annie. I thought I had posted a reply here and yet cannot see it. Did you get it, via email? I assumed it would show here as well….let me know if you got it. My pleasure to follow you. Thanks for following mine. x


  4. Enjoyed this so much and suggest if you would like an interesting read and also access to some great books, you visit Nicola Slade’s blog. I loved it.


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