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Busy times

March 9, 2012

Gosh what a week!  One thing after another has gone wrong with my computer and various email accounts, just when I am supposed to be working on my new Author Page – more information about this when I am ready for it to ‘go public’.

Then I went to have a Skype conversation with the family and the mic packed up on me – or more to the point my mic via Skype.  So a trip to the computer man, Simon, and a lot of fiddling and it seems OK again.

By the time I had done all this and a lot of other exhausting stuff including several bus journeys and more aggravation, I am now able to update this.

The Anthology in which I have two short stories is about to be published by Moonworks Publishing and this is exciting.  Lots of messages flying around with progress reports from the wonderful Joe who has been working behind the scenes on the layout and arranging PR opportunities, and  from Kevin who, like me, is Admin for the group.  All getting very exciting.

When things have moved on further I shall let you know. 

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